Evive Stater Kit


Step into the world of robots, programming, and microelectronics by getting your hands on the innovative STEM kits along with the “Evive” Starter Kit. Our DIY STEM robot constructing kits are available for all age groups.

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A great STEM robotics kit for children of all age groups to provide them a good start to step into the world of robotics, microelectronics, programming.


  • Provides children the perfect STEM learning with many interesting DIY kits
  • Available with “Evive” – the most resourceful electronics prototyping program
  • Holds a number of electric and building elements
  • Contains a construction guide with directions for 20+ DIY programs learning science, play with circuits, and run robots among other things
  • Free graphic programming software and project-making app
  • Free online STEM education programs (limited period only)



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