Agritech Kit

INR 5499/-

Gardening techniques with a fun-filled learning-by-doing approach.

Water Sanitation

INR 5499/-

Water Sanitation kit with ph sensor, oxygen sensor, turbidity, etc.

BIO Medical Kit

INR 5499/-

Bio Medical kit helps students to discover the Micro-World.

BIO Tech Kit

INR 5499/-

Check your pulse, Measure the tallest friend, analyze your breath, etc.


INR 5499/-

Learn about static, Kinetic & rolling friction and build your own hydraulic brake.

STEM Potential

INR 5499/-

Ultimate STEM learning experience with exciting DIY projects.

Aerospace Kit

INR 4499/-

Kit consisting of design, development, flying of small air vehicles.

Drone Kit

INR 12999/-

Advance Drone Kit with Brain, ESCs, Motors, Frame, Battery, Tx & Rx

3D Printer


INR 44999/-

Economic 3D printer for beginner

Adventure 3

INR 59999/-

Print PLA and ABS desktop 3D printer

Dreamer NX

INR 74999/-

Reliable,Smart & Affordable 3D Printer


INR 84999/-

Reliable,Smart & Double Extruder

Blix Kits